Auricular Acupuncture Associated with Reduced...

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Auricular Acupuncture Associated with Reduced Waist Circumference in Overweight Women-A Randomized Controlled Trial
Felicity Lillingston,1 Paul Fields ,2 and Randall Waechter 3

Given this increase in mood across both groups, it is not possible to conclude whether the AA alone was sufficient to drive the decrease in waist circumference or whether the AA in addition to the positive health-care provider-patient relationship and consequent improvement in patient mood is required to drive the reduction in waist circumference. Further studies that control these two variables are needed to answer this question.


The results of the study provide evidence that among 20–30-year-old overweight females, a treatment of six weekly sessions of auricular acupuncture (AA) is associated with a reduction in waist circumference compared with sham acupuncture.