Overweight, obesity

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Overweight, obesity and auriculotherapy

Auricular acupressure for overweight and obese individuals
A systematic review and meta-analysis

Ching-Feng Huang, MS,a,b,c Su-Er Guo, PhD,a,d,∗ and Fan-Hao Chou, PhDe,∗

It is difficult to determine which auricular acupoints are the best for decreasing BW and BMI. However, CO4, CO18, Extra12, TF4, CO1, and CO13 were the most commonly selected acupoints in most studies that examined auricular acupressure as an intervention for weight control.
Auricular acupressure may be an alternative approach to assist individuals with weight control issues, particularly at the primary prevention level. Due to the noninvasive nature of auricular acupressure, this treatment can be administered by trained individuals without a background in the health professions. In a study conducted by Kim et al,[7] subjects were taught to adhere seeds on acupoints based on ballpoint pen markings and photos of acupoints on their auricles. However, the procedure of stimulating acupoints by needle with or without electricity may cause adverse events[16,17] and should be done by Chinese medical doctors or acupuncturists.

4.1. Limitations

Due to several limitations of the present study, our results should be interpreted with caution.