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Grille/grid (Bahr-Wojak) Paul Nogier’s points and zones
Sectogram Chinese nomenclature Terry Oleson’s grid Nadia Volf ’s grid
David Alimi Segmentogram Széchenyi grid OMS

Warning : the names of the points that show up as the pointer moves over the red squares are the so-called organ points according to Paul Nogier’s book « Auricular Reflex Points ».The positions are approximate because of individual variations and the limitations of the grid. They only show the zone in the area of which the point should be sought. A click of the mouse will give you the reference page.

The references indicated by the letters BW are those of the nomenclature for the Bahr/Wojak grid.

The WHO (OMS) nomenclature should in theory be preceded by AM (MA in French) for auricular microsystem (microsystème auriculaire).

Click on the grid to see it with the points marked.

Grille/grid Points and Paul Nogier’s zones.
Grille Bahr/Wojak Paul Nogier’s grid

Sectogram Chinese Nomenclature
Sectogram of Romoli Chinese Cartography
Grille de Terry Oleson Nadia Volf ’s grid
Terry Oleson’s grid Nadia Volf ’s grid
Széchenyi grid